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Turgon Turukano, King of Gondolin, and *deep breath* Finrod Findarato Ingoldo Artafinde Nom (did I get them all?)(Edit: I FORGOT FELAGUND OH GOD HOW COULD I FORGET FELAGUND), as requested by finrodthefaithful and someone else I don’t remember :( Hope you like it!!

Edit: the other requester was anonymous :P

They’re practicing their duelling. I originally meant for this to be taking place in Valinor, but that doesn’t make any sense for a bunch of reasons. So, use your imagination.

© 2013 Antonia Alksnis

Oh and everyone please applaud the fact I tried to make Turgon’s sword resemble Glamdring, even though they should have been using practice blades. Oh well.


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